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Cassie & Ilse

Cassie is married to a World & Double Paralympic Champ – Ilse Hayes.  Although I am tempted to abbreviate on her long list of success and achievements on & off the track, I thought to rather focus on what matters most:  the love between a husband and wife.  The Cassie & Ilse we got to know as our neighbours.

I take my hat off to both these two for their perseverance, constant friendliness and for taking on life in their stride.  They are so much fun together and their joy contagious.  Their humbleness is an example to all and they always know from Whom to draw their strength.  Our kids are always priority to them (by the way, when do we do that baby sitting you always offer Cassie?!) and the banter across the street is endless.  Thank you for being great neighbours and such an examples to us.

A huge congratulations to you both for Ilse’s Order of Ikhamanga that she will receive from our President this Saturday.  This National Order is the highest achievement a country can bestow on its citizens.  On Saturday, Ilse will officially join our country’s list of legends.  But both Cassie & Ilse have long ago already achieved that status in our hearts.

To the legends …

Ilse Hayes Paralympic Gold Medalist


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