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Stellenbosch Familie Fotograaf

"Thank you for being part of our story". Irenee's words to me after the shoot and again in the thank you WhatsApp message when they received the final photos.

15 years ago I went for a jog in Jonkershoek. I had to clear my mind - I was engaged and the wedding prep was in full swing. Inside the reserve, I met Irenee and Maretha. He just asked for her hand in marriage and was opening a bottle of champagne. I congratulated them, completed my run and left a business card in their window wiper. A few months later, I had the privilege to capture their wedding photos in open spaces with a couple deeply in love.

We have been keeping in touch through the years. We live in the same town of Stellenbosch, our kids are in the same class at school and we drive past one another most mornings to school. I always enjoy seeing them - they are lovely people.

The privilege was mine to photograph the beautiful Heyns Family in Stellenbosch on a winter's afternoon. I absolutely love the moments, the light and the souls of these beautiful people. They truly are radiant!

Thank you that we can be a part of your story. The journey continues. Enjoy and much love.


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