Clinton & Carmen

Wedding Photography Nantes

I feel so privileged to have met and have worked with these two, their friends and family.  Hulle is lekker plattelandse mense that speaks a beautiful Afrikaans, is down to earth and real in every way.  From the start with their Engagement Shoot, we have connected in a very special way.  It almost feel like friends that I am about to present to you here.

The bridal party shoots were a lot of fun, the venue beautiful and the ceremony funny & special.  We all had a good laugh when Carmen purposely vowed to stay faithful “for richer and richer“!  She quickly redeemed herself though!

Thank you Clinton & Carmen for being so kind to me, for trusting me and being keen to try all my ideas.  I hope you also feel it paid off and was all worth it.  All the best .. till we meet again.  Hopefully soon.

So I present to you the day when the Bock caught his Oliphant.  Blessings & Enjoy!

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