Coetzee Fam

Cobus and I share a few great memories from our past.  The two of us used to run in the same athletics team and spent countless hours on the track together.  Cobus was a hurdles man who won the South African Junior title more than once!  This guy is quite a legend really!  Those were the good times 20 years ago!  We were quite a team that year!   His sister even ended up marrying one of our team mates from then  (and you can see their family shoot here).

In St 10, Cobus – together with a friend of his – and I also did a private winter school in Mathematics together.  He tried to improve to an A (and I just wanted to understand the stuff!).  It was the launch of the Lion King and we went to  see this movie for the first time in the cinema together!  That night, as the 3 of us were lying in our sleeping bags, they started to chat about Cobus’ girlfriend.  She was Porterville’s dominie’s daughter – Hanlie.  It was a couple of years later only, when I finally got to meet and know her at university.

We haven’t had much contact for the past few years.  I knew that they got married, but that was about it.  You can imagine that it was quite a bit of a reunion meeting the Coetzee family in a field outside Durbanville last week.  They have absolutely beautiful children and it seems like the two of them still like one another a lot!  Hanlie said we got old, but looking at these, I think we are in the best season of our lives.  Enjoy it guys!  See you on the tartan track cheering our kids on in a few years from now.  Hopefully sooner.