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Content Creator Stellenbosch

We recently did a 1,5-day Content Creation Shoot for Bosman Hermanus in the Hemel en Aarde Valley. It had to cover all the different aspects of the farm, its friendly people, the local influences on the wine and all the experiences one can enjoy there. Below is a quick picture summary of a busy few days.

Be sure to visit them for an excellent meal or tasting at the Frame house, an amazing hike in this beautiful valley or to purchase some of the best wine in the region. It'll be well worth your visit.

Thank you to the amazing Bosman Team for all the help and the unique opportunities over the years. Also to the master of marketing and concept design, Neil Buchner - we make a great team!

I believe South Africa is the most mindblowing stunning county in the world. Bosman Hermanus surely compliments her beauty. See you there.


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