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Die Woud Wedding Photographer

Theo and Jessica came all the way from France to get married at Die Woud Wedding Venue outside Caledon in South Africa.

I met Theo at this stunning wedding back in 2017. He was asked to drive the bride to her wedding in his classic Land Rover. His hair was long and curly, he was a professional triathlete, had a huge smile and a passion for life. We stood under the stars that evening where we had a deep chat. He revealed his heart, his passions, his longings. The conversation struck me deeply and I walked away with huge respect for this young man.

After that, I heard about him moving to France, joining the French Foreign Legion and the unfortunate parachute accident. I wondered what happened to him. Then one day, as I was walking with my family outside Stellenbosch, a car pulled up next to me. In it was a man with shorter (and a bit less :) hair but with the same big smile. The lovely Jess was sitting next to him and he eagerly introduced her to us in fluent French. They looked extremely happy and absolutely perfect together. The rest is history.

Theo and Jess brought their closest friends and family from all over the world to experience their perfect day in Africa. The Land Rover was driven down from the north of SA, especially for the occasion. We had a lot of fun with it and I feel we finally did it justice. The legend lives on ...

Merci Theo et Jess de m'avoir fait confiance pour jouer un rôle si spécial dans la journée de votre mariage. J'espère pouvoir rendre justice à ta journée parfaite. J'ai adoré passer la journée avec toi, ta famille et tes amis. J'espère avoir l'occasion de venir vous rendre visite en France un jour. Jusque-là - merci beaucoup. Profitez de vos souvenirs de mariage.


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