Dirkie & Carla

What does a photographer do when you scout Paarl for a wedding?  You use what is relevant, available and distinctive to the area.  I love shooting at Paarl Rock, but didn’t see how we would be able to include it in our shoot.  It was a miserable & wet morning when I scouted the area, so the thought crossed my mind just briefly.  When oom Bol finished the ceremony 30min quicker than planned, I saw our chance and suggested it to Dirkie & Carla.  They agreed, but first we needed to pop over to the alternative I have found …

It must be the first time for a live circus and top of the mountain combined wedding photography shoot. Definitely for a wedding at Fraaigelegen just outside of Paarl.  Thanks D&C for being adventurous enough to trust me on this.  I hope you like what we got.  Enjoy that well deserved honeymoon and all the best for your path ahead.

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