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Family Photographer Stellenbosch

What a lovely family! The Kritzingers from Stellenbosch blessed me with their presence, joy and genuineness as we played between the trees one late afternoon. We had fun playing hide and seek and spending time together. These two kids have so much character - I can't wait to see them when they are older.

Marco and Darné have been together since High School. They know and celebrate each other through and through. It is absolutely beautiful to see.

You guys shine! I am so glad you are part of our lives. We are looking forward to seeing you as a family go from strength to strength in the coming years. So, keep on blessing others with your skills and unique presence. It is truly special.

Lastly, a happy 10 year anniversary to the two of you. Let's not wait another decade before we do this again! Blessings.



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