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Family Photoshoot Somerset West

It is difficult to find a dry day these days - we are truly blessed with an abundance of rain this season. Finally, the Grundlinghs and I managed to line up our schedules with the weather and got together for an afternoon of fun doing their family photoshoot in Somerset West. It couldn't have turned out any better.

Their wee guy was a real star. At first, he was a bit shy of the guy with the camera, but he soon discovered some sticks, toys, kites and wagons that broke the ice and meant it was time to play. Andrew and Casey joined in the fun and it made for a beautiful and real-moment shoot full of adventure and laughter.

I've had the privilege to work with Andrew on several projects before (he is brilliant!), so it was a privilege to do this for him and his family. I hope and am looking forward to many more shoots together.

Enjoy your little star. He's 'n breker and will provide you with a lot of joy in the future. May you treasure these moments forever. Enjoy.


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