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Family Portraits Stellenbosch

I had to the privilege to meet and photograph the Kirsten Family on their family farm outside of Stellenbosch.

As I arrived, they all jumped onto a truck and set off to the Eerste Rivier that crosses their farm. They all piled onto a hanging bridge that made me think of the ones you see in the Himalayas. We used the farm for more portraits and then head back to the house for the last few group shots.

Their last request was a shot of all of them in their cosy bar. As I neared the building and entered, I saw a whole lifetime of off the beaten track travels across the walls. There were places I have dreamt of, a few I've been, most I have never heard of and of course, the Himalayas.

Thank you, family Kirsten for a fun and inspirational morning with you all. May we bump into one another somewhere high up in a mountain on foreign soil one day.

Enjoy these special memories in the beautiful place you call home.


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