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Forest Wedding Lourensford

Imagine spotting a clearing in a forest on the farm where you work.

"It could be perfect, my love. Ceremony under the natural forest arch; two long tables with all our friends and family; a Landy that serves up our local craft beer; the local coffee brewing station in that corner; harvest table here; our Estate Wines next to it and a spit braai over there where I'll enter. Yes, it could be perfect! Come on - let's do this."

I wasn't there when it happened in Izak and Ronel's thoughts. I am also not sure if it happened exactly like this either. What I am sure of, is that I definitely got to witness and experience a dream come true on Saturday for two lovely human beings.

Ronel has been an employee at the Lourensford Estate for years. I am so glad she and Izak could pull off their dream wedding in a place that is so close to their hearts. It was a celebration of note with heartfelt speeches, warm touches of laughter and a genuine love for one another.

We kept the couple shoot for the golden light as the sun crept in behind Helderberg Mountain. I am so glad we waited it out. (And thanks to superb cellarmaster and long-time friend Hannes for pointing out some great spots).

Enjoy Izak and Ronel. May your dreams continue to come true. Blessings!



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