Fotograaf Stellenbosch – Louw Clan

Fotograaf Stellenbosch

These guys came from far and wide to celebrate an exciting family weekend together in the Cape.  It was the baptism of Nico Jnr, an 80th birthday party for granny, Monique’s birthday … and a Peartree shoot!  Beautiful people these.

A few lose thoughts.  Video footage is quite something.  I look in admiration at what the guys are doing these days.  It is a total different ball game altogether.  Some of my peers are trying their hand at it and succeed.  If I invest a lot of time into it, I’ll probably be able to do it too.  At the moment though, I choose to stick and mature in my skill as a pure photographer.  And the reason lies in some of the shots below.

Photography still manages to capture unique moments that would probably have been missed or forgotten otherwise. Some of these smiles and looks saw the light for brief milliseconds, though here it stands still to echo the joy of hearts without reservation.  For me, it shows the pure soul of the people I am privileged to interact with.  We have such a short time, but the intensity of the real person’s soul spills over into my lens.  How honoured I am to drink from this fountain of life and make a living from it.

Thank you Esterhuizen Fam for blessing me on Saturday.  Keep the love.  

Fotograaf Stellenbosch

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