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Fyfer Fam | Switzerland

More than 6 years ago I photographed DF & Marlise at their wedding in the Little Karoo.  What a feast it was!  The event &  images are still vivid in my mind.

This time round I visited this lovely family in Rolle close to Geneva, Switzerland.  And they have become 3!  Wee Petrus is a little legend in the making!  Honestly!  What a guy!

Thanks DF, M & P for a wonderful time in your company.  I loved spending the night with you at your new home and growing family.  Thanks again for all the help with the visa, getting the Vissers on board and just for being you.  You guys are great!

And please forgive me for taking DF to a McD’s for the first time in 12 years!  It was kind of nice though, hey DF?!  hehe! Blessings julle!


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