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Graduation Photos Stellenbosch

These days we tend to do things a little bit different. It is graduation day. You have worked so hard. Family attends. Everyone is excited, happy, together ... and then you pose in a studio faking a smile / the selfie in front of the hall where it just happened.

Why not try something different? Like the Vermoten Family did this morning. Marli will receive her Master's Degree in Geology tomorrow (congrats!) and they opted to do an early morning family shoot in the outdoors. We captured the moment, the graduation gown, the love, the character, the fun and the heart. Personally, I think this has more value.

Thank you to the Vermoten Family for a beautiful and special morning with you all. I loved meeting all of you and am looking forward to meeting up again in future. This was truly special and I hope something of it reflects in these images. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Till next time.



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