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Hermanus Photographer

Being a photographer, the December holidays proofs to a busy time. It means we didn't get to camp next to the sea as many people had the privilege to do over the holidays. I did, however, got to share in most people's frustration this morning with the relentless wind that made numerous friends pack up camp early this year.

I arrived bright and early for this Hermanus Family shoot, to scout the beach for potential spots. The wind was devastating and I knew we were in for a challenge. My motto(s) is to treat the weather as your friend (and that there is nothing like bad weather, only bad gear). So, we went for it full on.

Looking back, the moments don't reflect the conditions and I love what we got. The Wright Family had a very positive attitude and that made all the difference. They were visiting from Australia and wanted to capture their family in this season of their lives. It was lovely to catch up with them again after doing their wedding back in 2012. Great people!

David and Jo-Anne - your family is brave & lovely! Thank you for trusting me with these. Let's do this again soon! Enjoy.



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