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Hofmeyr Clan

Jannie & Sheila are Megan‘s lovely parents.  The two of them seized the moment to create memories of them with their children’s families together at the beautiful & dramatic Sanbona Game Reserve.  All gathered from across the world to celebrate a mutual birthday milestone.  Congratulations Jannie & Sheila – you have a beautiful family!

Clan shoots are generally a bit formal.  The main aim is to get everyone looking remotely good on one shot.  I think in this case, we all did really well to give these shots a natural and joyous tone.   Everyone looks great and those pool shots came out amazing!  Of course lovely nephew Kailo sparked again as well!

My hope is that you all will treasure and love these in the years to come.  All the best to you all – let’s do this again in 5 or 10 years from now!


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