Instead of Ashes, the Oil of Gladness | Part 2/7

From Nairobi, I immediately made my way to Nakuru.  The plan was to catch a matatu (local overcrowded bus) up North early the next morning.  To my surprise, I came across the most surreal combination of landscapes and people that was exactly what I was looking for.  A great start to my trip I thought!

Next stop was Lake Bogoria where I encountered a few life threatening experiences.  I pitched my tent right close to edge of the water – like one do when you are new in Eastern Africa.  First scare – what I thought was a piece of bark right next to me whilst reading a book on the small wooden pier, turned out to be a croc with a hungry appetite for reading lessons.  Didn’t feel I was the right guy for the job and kindly excused myself.  That night I woke to the sound of a monstrous hippo having supper 10m from my tent.  The local 1 feet high, cross bred camp site dog gave that big guy a scare of his life.  Good thing I wasn’t between him and the water at that moment.  Good thing the hippo missed me as well! 🙂

The next day I had a bit of luck with some great shots of my favourite bird – The African Fish Eagle.  Life is at its best when I hear that echoing call in the wilderness.

I managed to catch a lift with a Dutch Overland Truck via Iten to Sigor.   Iten has always intrigued me as this is where most of the Kenyan runner’s come from and practice.  My first visit here was in 1999 when I came to meet Brother Conl O’Connell at St Patrick’s College.  He spotted the talent as he was teaching as a Catholic missionary at the school and started to coach the athletes 30 years ago. His legacy has meant a lot to Kenyan Athletics and to the country.   On the way to Sigor, the landscape started to turn to semi-dessert. On arrival, I again camped right next to the river.  As I arrived I took the photos below of children playing in the river while the women washed clothes.  2 Hours later the river was in total flood – and there wasn’t a single drop of rain!  That night I almost stepped on a snake in the dark.  I made sure my tent’s zips where tightly closed that night!  Later on I also learned that this area was renowned for its wild lions.  I really didn’t know.   And I was still going further North …

Tomorrow: Travel with me to the dessert at Lodwar where I met the colourful Turkana people at their lake.  Then: off to Lake Victoria to meet Adri in the most beautiful of moments …