Instead of Ashes, the Oil of Gladness | Part 4/7

I would always go for a walk late in the afternoon.  And the picture one find always stayed the same.  Everywhere people were playing football!  And even if there was no ball, plastic bags would be tied together to form an oddly shaped item that couldn’t puncture or hurt the bare feet eagerly kicking it!  How Africa loves this game!  South Africa’s 2010 World Cup will be one that the world never forgets.  Be ready for African passion!

I arrived at Lake Victoria in anticipation of Adri’s arrival.  It might sound strange, but I invited her 3 months earlier to join me on this trip after only 4 days of meeting her – that was the same day we had the big talk – you like me, I like you! 🙂 Well, it was more I like you.  What can I say, she just stood out … and still does!

Please allow me to describe to you the 2nd most awesome moment in my life:  She arrived on a wee plane from Nairobi at the miniature Kisumu Airport on the lake shore in the middle of Africa.  I was soaked as I stood there with a bunch of red roses which I managed to somehow get in Kisumu earlier that afternoon.  The sun was setting in liquid gold breaking through the chocolate clouds whilst still pouring!  When she saw me as she stepped off the plane, we both ran with bare feet hardly touching the puddles on the shining runway and ended up hugging and crying with joy!  Only the moment when she came towards me to become my meek bride in September 06, can beat this one.  We took our two tents and made our way to Mbita in South Nyanza, Western Kenya for the start of our journey together.

I first came to Kenya Islands Mission in Mbita as part of a building team in 1997.  Since then, I have been back 7 times. Adri stayed in the house I helped to build which was really special for the two of us.  The lovely people here have been educating the island communities in Lake Victoria on environmental issues and running camps for schools and groups in the region.  From this came a brilliant school for Aids/ HIV Orphans, Christ Gift Academy, that is still going from strength to strength.  I made the decision that 10% of the income I generate from the exhibition, would go directly to their Sponsorship programme.  Maybe that is why is was so blessed after all.

My people perish of lack of knowledge

Joseph Ouma – whom I’ve sponsored the past few years (Click photo to also get involved)

Adri in the house I’ve helped to build in 1997

Tomorrow:  People in the dark passages of Stone Town on the Spice Island of Zanzibar