Instead of Ashes, the Oil of Gladness | Part 6/7

We sat in the Cape Town gardens with the closed envelopes.  I got the films developed at Orms and this was the moment when I would first see the product – 5 days before my flight to the exhibition in Esbjerk, Denmark.  I said to Adri that if it didn’t look good, I wouldn’t be going.  We prayed and then opened it …

The Exhibition Venue

Our European Reunion Group

They have vicious dogs in Denmark!

At the end of my time in Europe, which included a few private exhibitions in London (and a street exhibition on the banks of the Thames by the London Eye for about 4 minutes  … oops sorry officers, I  didn’t know I needed a permit!), I came home feeling really satisfied and confident.  Although it took another couple of years before I turned professional, this was the unofficial start of it all.  One that I am very grateful for.

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