Jan-Hendrik & Suzanne

Boland Farm Wedding

This was more than a wedding for me.  This was quite an unique walk back to my roots …

My family has a strong legacy in farming.  Doing this wedding next to where my grandparents and uncles used to work the earth, really made me long for the open spaces and a dusty land that you can call your own.  I know it is not an easy life, but seeing these farm kids operating in self confidence (driving a tractor & being proud to be a boerseun) and having the space and opportunity to grow, really made me want to give this to my laaities as well.  Don’t get me wrong – I am content and very happy.  And today I am again thankful for my roots.   Let’s learn to all count our blessings daily and be open to others reminding us of these.

Jan-Hendrik & Suzanne made this Boland farm wedding a real treat for all.  They are such a happy couple – everyone seemed to fully tap into their joy! I surely did!  They managed to give the day their personal feel, with family involved, lots of friends visiting from their workplace Taiwan, their uncle’s blou skuur and the most amazing burgers for dinner!  Nyam!  We loved it all!

Thanks to Iza Cloete for making Suzanne look so beautiful on the day.  And thank you to all the friends and families who made me feel so welcome and special.  You guys all rock.  Enjoy!

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