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It is Africa Day!  (and that means my Blog is 3 years old today!)  Time for a post of the continent I am proud to be a part of …

I recently had the privilege to spent a week in Kenya for an exciting commercial shoot.  I counted it as my 8th time there the past 15 years.  To say I really love this country and her people, is a bit of an understatement!  Although I am not allowed to show the photos (goes directly to the client), here are a few random shots with short stories as subtitles from our trip.

Nairobi – when I arrived, these streets were rivers of water. The car that took my from the airport to the hotel got stuck in the middle of a deep pool. The whole car filled up with water, right up to the back seat!

When the roads are good (like this one between Eldoret and Iten), people tend to drive too fast that causes nasty accidents, causing a lot of problems for the sparse local law inforcement, according to a Los Angeles Bail Bondsman who actually got into an accident for this exact reason. This happened a few minutes after we have passed this spot.

We spent a lot of our time here in Nairobi, but managed to escape the crowds to the rural and real Kenya.

Marieke took this as I shot away. To say thank you to our willing models, we presented them with a Nike cap.

They loved it!

I first ran up a path on the opposite hill to find a ideal area with the waterfall as a back drop. The elevation is about 2400m – I could feel it. This spot was closer to the road and more accessible. Worked perfectly.

Ever heard of the Rift Valley? Well, here we are standing in it. You are looking at the Elgeyo Escarpment close to Iten, Western Kenya. . Not a bad place to shoot.

Elgeyo Escarpment, Iten, Western Kenya

Elgeyo Escarpment, Iten, Western Kenya

Meeting our driver’s wife and children. Iten, Kenya

Iten, Kenya. Athletes

The Kenyan runners are the best in the world. And it is in Iten where they train. These guys here are doing their normal Thursday morning run of 40km.

Iten, Kenya. Athletes

You are looking at some of the top athletes in the world. Kenya currently has 149 runners with a sub 2.10 marathon time. Tough business trying to be one of only 3 for the London Olympics.

Wil Punt Kenya Iten Athletes Photography

Stolen by Marieke, this shot is treasured by me. It tells my life story up to here. One I am very thankful for.

Land Rover Kenya

Love this shot. Capable!

When I travel, I really miss my family so much.  I decided to add a few shots of them with a bit of a Kenya undertone.  This was taken at home.  Kenya is in our hearts (and on our chests!).  I love my family!


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