Kritzinger Fam

This one is extra special.  This one is family!

Coby & Megan came all the way from Canada for us to meet the cutest boy in the Northern Hemisphere –  Kailo, our nephew!  He is absolutely adorable and makes me want to have more babies!  🙂  It was lovely to see brother-in-law Coby and Megan for the first time as a beautiful family of three.  They soaked up the sun and spent a special time with family and friends during their brief visit.

May these moments captured in a blink of an eye, keep your hearts warm with the love we have for you across the oceans.  You are great parents and have the sweetest boy.  For him a smile isn’t enough to express his joy of being alive – he has to laugh with his whole body!  (Honestly, you’ve got to see the arms & legs of this guy when he gets excited!).  To many more joyous times together in the future!  We love you guys XXxx

More photos in the next post