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Leipzig Wedding Nuy Valley

Edmund and Geraldine found each other. You can just see their love for one another in their beautiful children's sparkling eyes. This union is so good!

I've had the privilege to work with and get to know Geraldine over the years. She is a positive and dynamic businesswoman with an eye for detail. Her children are her passion. Her brother mentioned that no one probably used the word FUN as much as she did during the lockdown. And fun we had again on Wednesday for sure!

I got to meet Edmund when I did their family shoot earlier this year. He is a gentle and deeply loyal man with a heart of gold. He will do anything for his children and seeks for direction from above. I respect this man, as I am sure many others do as well.

And the kids. They are lovely. Little bundles of joy, smiles and sparkles. Boys being men whilst still playing their hearts out. What a team!

The pastor gave them Isaiah 61:3 during the ceremony at Leipzig - the scripture that kicked off my career as a photographer when I used it as the theme for an exhibition I did in Denmark on Africa's beautiful people back in 2004. What more can be said than the beauty and truth of "instead of ashes, the oil of gladness".

Blessings on this family. Blessings galore.


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