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Montagu Wedding

I am a proud Montagu native. I was born there, went to school there, am privileged to have both my parents and one of my sisters living there. It is most definitely one of my favourite places in the world. So when someone asks if I can do a wedding there, I try my best to make it happen. I just love shooting in the Klein Karoo!

I met Hannes and Vida when I got back from travelling in Africa back in 2004. They were both working there at that time and I spent 3 months volunteering at our local church. There hasn't been a lot of contact between us since, but I felt really privileged to be asked to do their wedding after all these years. And it took a few years, didn't it! It seems like Hannes needed to keep the friendship vibe going for long enough to make Vida fall in love with him eventually. Great perseverance I tell you! Well done Hannes!

The wedding happened at the lovely Cabrieres Wedding Venue just outside of Montagu. As I drove in from Stellenbosch in the morning, it started to drizzle all the way from Worcester. To my surprise, the water made it over the mountains and the drizzle kept coming down for most of the day. Every drop counts in the Little Karoo, so nobody minded. I loved it!

The highlight of the day for me was the couple shoot. The weather cleared enough for us to see the vistas, explore the koppies and find a few treasures. I love what we got!

Thank you, Hannes and Vida, for sticking with me through all the COVID date changes and uncertainties. Now you are finally married and can enjoy the beauty of your years-long friendship. May you be very happy together.

Enjoy this peek into their beautiful wedding day in Montagu.


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