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Natural Family Portraiture

There are a few things I remind myself of when I arrive early for a family shoot. I need to capture the heart of this family, the season in their lives, give them a variety of natural and professional images, make them feel beautiful and I got to stir the joy. When they walk away, they should be happy enough for the experience they just had together, even if no photo ever makes it to them afterwards. It is hard to measure some of these, but looking back at the time I had with the beautiful Twine fam and editing these images, I am definitely sure we got to tick a few boxes here!

Apart from doing Rob and Barbara's wedding at Molenvliet back in 2010, we have had 2 other family shoots together. And I think this one is our best so far! What do you think?

Thank you, Rob and Barbara, for returning every second year so that we can capture the beauty of your family. I am really looking forward to seeing you again in the near future. And I promise to try my utmost best to make that shoot even better than this one.

Enjoy and blessings!


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