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Oberholzer Fam

Dirk and I have been best friends all our lives.  We grew up 400m from each other, share a lot of the same memories and plan to create much more of these in the future.  Ilse and my wife Adri have been great friends long before we all met, so it is a joyous gathering when we all manage to get together.  Mix in Anli, Xazu (the amazing dog) and my boys and you have an energetic and loud few days with the Oberholzer and Punt families ahead!

I was privileged to capture this dear family on a recent visit to lovely Kweekkraal outside of Citrusdal.  Thanks guys for always being our support, encouragement, role models and a great source of fun & laughter.  Your hospitable hearts are infectious and absolutely one of a kind.  We really appreciate and love you.  (Liefde spesiaal vir Anli).

Enough talk though.  Put on those business socks baby … it’s time … 🙂


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