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Pat Busch Robertson Wedding

The Pat Busch Mountain Reserve is geographically far removed from Lake Malawi, but on the weekend, it all came together with a wedding.

A year ago, I had the privilege to capture this wedding in Malawi. Here I met bridesmaid Nicola and her fiancé Tiaan. They impressed me with their down to earth humbleness and willingness to assist with anything. These two are born to serve. They make the world a better place by just being themselves.

How awesome it is that they found one another. In Malawi! This Northumberland girl just couldn't resist the big heart of this smiling South African boytjie. He can be serious sometimes, but man, does he get the giggles when he wants to! And he just couldn't stop giggling with excitement when he got to spent some alone time with his bride during the couple shoot. Although he got told off once (see the funny photo somewhere below :) it was a beauty to behold and a pleasure to capture.

Thank you to the lovely Nu Experience Team for making the weekend so special. I can highly recommend Nu and Margot as wedding planners.

Thank you Tiaan and Nicola for allowing me to spend time with you and your amazing friends and families again. I surely hope it will not be the last. Till next time. Don't stop smiling! Enjoy.


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