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Photographers in Stellenbosch

These are lekker mense! And I am proud to say they are family. We have a bit of a tradition doing family photos around Stellenbosch and Somerset West every so often. It is always fun photographing this family.

With our previous shoot, we got a spontaneous shot of the kids playing, jumping on one another's backs, laughing. It is one of those moments that gives a summary of a season. It tells about good parenting, the joy in precious moments between siblings, and the innocence of childhood - all the stuff that eventually counts and will be remembered by us a few decades from now. Parenting is tough, but I believe if we feed our memories with more of these real moments, we will look back with a humble appreciation of a grace given that we had little to do with.

Of course, we were keen to reenact this shot again. And according to me, it turned out even better. Another season captured. Another precious moment to give thanks for.

Thank you lovely Du Toit Family for your example, care and support. You guys are beautiful together. We love you.


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