Pierre-Andre & Marike

Photographer Franschhoek

Why is it that I keep on doing the weddings of such inspirational people?!  I wish you could be there to hear and see these families operate, share and bless.

The Rabies & Theron’s love Jesus.  His fingerprints are all over their families.  With strong family values, close bonds and buckets full of fun, the joyful merger of these 2 legend families, will have an impact on eternity.  I was truly blessed to be part of this wonderful celebration.

A few short points to understand my visual interpretation below.  Marike’s dad encouraged Pierre-Andre & Marike to be like a donkey in their marriage.  Never like a horse.  A horse says – look at me!  A donkey says – look who is on my back.  They got the donkey as a reminder to check their “status” at the end of each day!

Pierre-Andre is known for his rowing talent with many accolades under the belt.  We just had to get onto the water.  Thanks for the initiative guys.  I am so glad we did it (and that no one fell in the water!).

Simondium Country Lodge was the perfect setting for these two.  Enjoy this day with them.

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