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Stefan & Francisce

It has been a while since I have been to such a lekka wedding on a farm.  The shed looked out of this world and the 200 people made it come alive in a night that will long be remembered by all.

A bit of a marketing break. Stefan & Francisce chose some great service providers who I can highly recommend.   DJ Chopper : wow, how she read this crowd well and made the evening a success.  Helga and her team from Helga Bridal – for making Francisce shine.  Always a massive pleasure to work with you and thanks for always being finished way before the scheduled time.   Also a joy to work with is Jaco & Caryn from Jubilani Videos who do a great job.  Lastly and as intro to the rest, I have to mention Boer & Brit wines with this wedding, as it is the actual Boer who got married …

I have shot a wedding at this stunning Dreyer farm before when eldest sister Anné got married to Duncan.   Stefan & Francisce’s wedding took on a different vibe and I wanted the photos to reflect their uniqueness.  I hope I managed.  Francisce’s mom asked me to get a shot of Stefan with a bull (specially for you below); there’s the couch, the forest and of course the shed.  I love the “marketing” shots of the Suikerbossie Brut that I personally think reflects the brand pretty well.

Above all, the couple did so well on yet another perfect April afternoon in our beloved ZA.  In a strange way, I felt such a strong sense of my heritage whilst capturing this wedding.  It made me proud to have my roots down here in this land with a beautiful past and a hopeful future.  I believe their will be many more perfect April afternoons in Stefan & Francisce’s lives.  And many more perfect days for us in our country.

Live today and make the most of it.  You can start by viewing these …


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