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Stellenbosch Family Portraiture Special

Stellenbosch Family Portraiture Special

These guys are the lucky ones.  They get to live on the amazing Boschendale Estate.

I’ve done numerous shoots there before.  I love the backdrop of the stunning mountains and the space to move freely.  It is something I value greatly these days. When I started with photography, there were much less fences around.  As I drive around for shoots, every year I see more fences everywhere; more developments; more security.  I guess, that is a small price to pay living in Africa. I used to be able to enter freely into spaces, shoot and exit without effort.  These days, the scouting has become more of a challenge.  One I am not scared to face.

So you can imagine how refreshing it was to have space and options to work with on this late afternoon.  The family was having an early dinner outside.  It all looked so inviting.  I almost poured myself a glass of white wine and just sat there.  My kind of place.

We had to get on with the shoot though.  The sun sets quite early behind this beast called Simon.  We gathered in a field close by to the house and started shooting away.

I love how these turned out!  What a lovely and fun family!  Thank you for your kindness, time and support.  En die broodjies vir ‘n honger maag.  May we do this again soon!  Stay happy!

Stellenbosch Family Portraiture Special

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