Wahl & Lezanne

Border Collie Engagement Photos

I sometimes have shoots that are closer to home than others.  I am proud to mention that this fine bloke in the pictures below is my cousin.  And he found a good wife!  I am so happy for Wahl and Lezanne!  Sadly I won’t be able to attend their wedding celebration due to a prior booking commitment on my side.  This however was a real honour for me to be asked to capture.

When I left home, knowing the shoot would be on a farm, I looked at our Border Collie and thought about her joining me.  Not knowing what to expect, I decided it would be better for the shoot to leave her behind.  Pity I did, cause when I arrived I was greeted by 2 lovely Border Collies who calls the farm home.  They play a significant role in Wahl & Lezanne’s lives and joined the couple when they got engaged on at the dam a few weeks earlier.  Wahl wanted them to join our shoot and I was more than delighted for them to come.  I’ve loved this breed ever since living in the Borders of Scotland where I was introduced to their focus, work ethics and loving soft hearts.  Next time Nala will join me on the farm for sure!

I love how these turned out.  It shows the deep friendship and kind hearts of these two beautiful & honest individuals.  I am truly honoured to present them to you hoping I could have done them justice.  Thanks again Wahl & Lezanne – you will be blessed.  Love you guys!

Border Collie Engagement Photos

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