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Wedding Photographer Prince Albert

When Vincent and Eza booked me to photograph their wedding in Prince Albert more than a year ago, there were a few things I didn't realise.

At first, I didn't make the connection that I have met Eza at her sister's wedding at Babylonstoren more than 6 years ago. We connected the dots pretty quickly in our planning meeting though. It was so lovely to see her and her family again + to meet the lovely Ridgards.

The second surprise came a bit later when I realised I would have to do two weddings almost back to back in this beautiful Karoo town of Prince Albert. And that at the same venue of African Relish. Don't get me wrong - I adore this village and love shooting there. The only challenge remains to be original and true to the couple in every shoot. And when you give your all at every single wedding, it means you consequently have to step up every time you take on a new couple's dreams and memories on their wedding day.

It took a lot of planning, rushing, pushing and heaps of courage from the lovely couple to create something unique and authentic to remember their day by. Well done Vince and Eza! Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your memorable day! I feel so privileged.

A few shout outs at this wedding. Eza and her family booked the newly renovated Mirtehof Guest Farm Estate as you enter the village from the Swartberg Pass side. It is a mind-blowingly, treasure of a place with its lovely staff, a breathtaking garden and spacious, modern rooms. Clarita Smith did an amazing job with the makeup and comes highly recommended. The lovely videography team of Jaco and Michelle from JVS Productions were a lot of fun to work with and are two lovely individuals. Book them. And lastly, I have already mentioned African Relish, but they manage to find the perfect balance between superb quality and being authentic to their environment. It is always a joy to visit Michelle and her team of professionals.

The biggest shout out goes to Vincent and Eza, their family and friends. What can I say - you guys are an absolute "goudmyn! It was a pleasure serving you. Blessings and enjoy!



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