Wesleigh & Mischke

I’m not sure why, but my previous Gauteng wedding also dealt me a wet hand on the day.  Not that I complain – I love shooting in these conditions.  It adds mood to the pics and some real intimacy.  I just didn’t expect it when I left for this Johannesburg wedding at the stunning Thaba ya Batswana Eco Hotel.

Having flown up the Friday, I did a scout trail run to get an idea of what was available to us.  My heart pumped really fast with excitement because of the beautiful surroundings on the outskirts of this mega city.  Maybe the altitude also played a role to be honest (it almost killed me!)

I only met Wesleigh and Mischke for the first time the Saturday morning.  They were all excited and said they didn’t mind what the weather would do. Perfect – we got on really well from the start.  With a lovely ceremony and surprise blessing of a killer sunset, we finished off their memorable shoot to go party at the Lobola Kraal!  What an evening!

I surely loved the whole experience and am sure all who attended would agree that this was a day to remember!  Enjoy the realness of these two!

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