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Andrew & Anje

I have memories of a blonde wee girl cycling on a tricycle in the backyard of the house opposite of ours.  Anje used to only be the much younger neighbour girl I never really knew.  Our paths crossed years later at our church and things must have climaxed when I was asked to do Andrew and her wedding in our home town of (the mind blowing beautiful) Montagu.  Even the house where Anje got ready in Montagu is any photographer’s dream.  The day was awesome, special, dear and in every sense close to my heart.

Andrew had to travel all the way from Toronto, Canada to meet Anje at a Community Project in Swaziland.  It is here where he found more than what he was searching for.  He’s really an awesome guy.  I loved meeting his family and friends on the day and their presence really made the special Platform 62 venue in Ashton come alive.  What a party and great place!

Enjoy these guys – I am excited for what your future holds.  Go for it!


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