Anton & Storm

Elandskloof Beautiful Wedding

I guess when Anton started playing for the Stormers, he didn’t expect that such a perfect Storm would be part of his life forever (probably a bit corny I know, but I couldn’t resist!).

There was nothing corny about this awesome, weekend wedding though!  Saturday started with a 5km “Love Run” that many of the guests joined in for.  As I scouted the (which I thought) less traveled areas of the farm in the morning, I found a lot of their sign posts from the trail run.   I then knew that these were my kind of people.

Storm was continuously surrounded by 9 hovering, wild, fun & energetic bridesmaids.  They added to a brilliant, relaxed vibe which helped Storm to look and feel beautiful.  As she approached the ceremony, one could really sense the anticipation and excitement in the air for all.

No one could have been disappointed.  Storm blew their breaths away.  A Grand piano next to the river under the trees brought forth a unique and specially composed piece for the couple by a talented German friend.  Anton also surprised Storm when he faced the giant and played for his new bride with everyone watching.  Legend!

The sun broke into a spellbound landscape and all I needed to do was to add this special couple.  Thank you guys for trusting & allowing me to wait it out and take you to the higher grounds.  It was so worth it!

I am not sure till what time these guys partied, but it must have been a loooong night.  I must say – it was a very fitting & deserving celebration for this lovely couple.

How I enjoyed capturing these!  Enjoy the WORMS Wedding of the Year!

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