Ion & Leandie

If doing a shoot in the amazing Greyton is a feast, having the privilege to shoot a wedding just outside of town at the The Oaks Estate, must be a carnival.

Ion & Leandie have known each other almost all their lives.   They met in Johannesburg way back in Grade 1.  Leandie’s mother told the story how she pointed to a shaved-head-energetic-6-year-old Ion on the first day of school telling Leandie, “Sussie – that is the kind of guy you should not hang out with around here!”  That was probably just what Leandie needed to become interested!  (May this be a lesson to all of us with kids!).  I am glad to report that Ion’s hair is longer now and that he and skoonma get on very well these days!

What a lovely day it was.  I’ve had the privilege to shoot here a few times before, but this time round it was the animals who came to steal the show.  The Nguni Cattle, dam and mountains created an authentic background for some unreal shots of the couple.

Then a highlight for me was the funny donkey who could be fed carrots as part of the pre drinks entertainment. The shot of him peaking over the wall was as Leandie started to make her way down the ilse.  I don’t blame him – everyone was in awe.

Thank you all for an amazing day with you.  I won’t easily forget my 300th wedding.  Enjoy!

A special thanks to Elizabeth & Meagan (of BonTon Events) & Sebastine Pepler (with superb make up) – you can’t go wrong with any of these lovely ladies.  Hope to work with you soon again.

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