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Matjiesfontein Wedding

There is just something quite magical about Matjiesfontein. The wee village is situated in what feels like the middle of literary nowhere. It has the ability to swallow you whole as you enter and then suddenly spit you out in a different world a hundred years in the past.

For the guests who came from all over the world, it must have felt like they were in the wrong place when they arrived on Friday. The emptiness, extreme heat and vintage feeling surely could have put some off as they drove in. As soon as they entered the Lord Milner Hotel though, they were greeted by Keith and Thomas' friendly faces, the wide-open grass quad area and the smell of a traditional spitbraai from under the trees at the back. They were between good friends, the evening vibe was perfect and the celebrations finally started.

Keith and Thomas have been married for over a year already. Some of their close friends and families attended the wedding in France, where Thomas is from. Keith wanted all the people back home to share in the celebrations and invited their international friends to also come join in the party. And what a party it was.

AnnaH did a superb job and officially got the main street closed off and lined up with a long table with shining, hanging bulbs. The Hotel's front terrace was transformed into a modern dancefloor and chill area that featured a surprise flash mob, fun video messages, heartfelt speeches and extreme dance moves. There was a lot to celebrate under a canopy of a billion stars.

Thank you, Keith and Thomas, that I could be a part of this special weekend. I enjoyed meeting you guys with all your friends and family. I am sure we will meet again. (Let me know who wins the tallest battle!). Enjoy.



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