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Matt & Justine

WaterkloofWedding Somerset West

I enjoy the odd day time wedding so so much.  It gives a whole different vibe and brings forth a new set of creativity.  Add the lovely Matt & Justine to this and throw in the spectacular Waterkloof Estate on top … and you have a sure winner!

Amazing people, great food and so much to play with.  Enjoy this amazing celebration.  Lovin it!

waterkloofwedding 1
waterkloofwedding 2
waterkloofwedding 3
waterkloofwedding 4
waterkloofwedding 5
waterkloofwedding 6
waterkloofwedding 7
waterkloofwedding 8
waterkloofwedding 9
waterkloofwedding 10
waterkloofwedding 11
waterkloofwedding 12
waterkloofwedding 13
waterkloofwedding 14
waterkloofwedding 15
waterkloofwedding 16
waterkloofwedding 17
waterkloofwedding 18


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