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Photographer Somerset West

Yesterday I mentioned a little bit about Germinate Photography that I've started more than a decade ago. Today, you have the privilege to meet another legend Germinator. Say hi to Jeanne and her adventurous family of boys!

When I arrived at their home, I was quickly introduced to a pet snail and a bucket full of tadpoles. I was in boy-country for sure! Every dog needs a pat; every guineafowl a chase; every stick is a sword; every puddle an adventure. We kind of kept clean throughout the shoot as I discovered and tried to capture their world and personalities. What a privilege healthy and well-balanced children are. And with such great and clever parents, these boys' potential, makes me feel very excited about their future.

Franna & Jeanne - it really was a privilege to see you guys again and to capture your boys during this stage of their lives. I can't wait to catch up with you again and to see how they have developed. Enjoy every day with them! You guys are blessed.

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Francois Louw
Francois Louw
Sep 08, 2020

Wil. Baie dankie. Wat 'n groot seën om die geleentheid te kon ervaar. Soos altyd is jou werk en menslikheid van 'n baie hoë standaard. Amazing foto's. Ons bedank jou dat ons nog 'n lekker stel het wat ons tot die legacy boek kan toevoeg (en die fotomuur... ons werk daaraan). Mag ons gou weer 'n koffie drink.

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