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Photographer Somerset West

Yesterday I mentioned a little bit about Germinate Photography that I've started more than a decade ago. Today, you have the privilege to meet another legend Germinator. Say hi to Jeanne and her adventurous family of boys!

When I arrived at their home, I was quickly introduced to a pet snail and a bucket full of tadpoles. I was in boy-country for sure! Every dog needs a pat; every guineafowl a chase; every stick is a sword; every puddle an adventure. We kind of kept clean throughout the shoot as I discovered and tried to capture their world and personalities. What a privilege healthy and well-balanced children are. And with such great and clever parents, these boys' potential, makes me feel very excited about their future.

Franna & Jeanne - it really was a privilege to see you guys again and to capture your boys during this stage of their lives. I can't wait to catch up with you again and to see how they have developed. Enjoy every day with them! You guys are blessed.

#family #familyshoot #somersetwest #2020

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