Rehan & Anna

Zorgvliet Wedding Photos

It is great to find connections with the people you photograph …

If you have been browsing my website over the past few years, you would have seen my close photographic connection with Italy.  I just love shooting there:  the passion, the authenticity of the people, the amazing landscapes, art & architecture … and the food of course!  So when your last name is Pennazza and half your family flies in from the lo Stivale (the Boot), you just need to have some pasta, Mediterranean fruit, olives, rosemary and that dark Italian look.

I also had a close connection with the Burger fam.  We figured out that my grandparents used to farm close to them and they all became good friends.  What a joy it was to meet one of my granny’s old friends in Ouma Rita.  She made me remember the absolute joy of my own Ouma Drienie.  I so enjoyed meeting her and the rest of this lovely family.

As a bonus, add to all of this a bottle of Aberfeldy Single Malt with my Scottish connections (pity I didn’t get to taste it though!), and this was a match made in heavenly Zorgvliet.

Godetevi le foto del matrimono di Rehan & Anna!

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