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Webersburg Wedding Stellenbosch

I've had the privilege to photograph the lovely wedding of Ben & Deanne at Webersburg outside Stellenbosch on Saturday. As a Wedding Photographer, one gets a unique look into people's lives on an emotional and truly happy day. Ben & Deanne's day was filled with absolute awe!

A lot of thinking went into their big day with attention to personal and heartfelt details. Ben & Deanne made their wedding day their own and kept it intimate and special. It was beautiful.

As it was quite windy, we went for the safe shots first. As we all acclimatized, we got braver and used the weather to our advantage. I love the outcome with the wind adding to the drama and flow of Deanne's hair and dress. We had fun!

Thank you Ben & Deanne for the honour to capture the two of you with your family and friends on your most special day. Enjoy these precious memories.

#wedding #webersburg #stellenbosch #2023

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