Wedding Prince Albert – Louis & Tina

Wedding Prince Albert

I’ve lost my heart in the Karoo a long time ago.  The open spaces, koppies and sunsets bring me to a halt, make me reflect, let me stand humble.  This place and its people leave me breathless in an urge to enter a rest I didn’t know exist.  It inspires me to live more simple; more free; more alive. This is my love for the Karoo and the way I capture when I stand in awe …

I got to know Louis & Tina at his brother’s wedding 3 years ago.   As everyone enjoyed their wedding so much in 2014, it was an almost identical setup.  The guys got ready at their parents’ house in Prince Albert (Louis’ dad is a great man & an awesome photographer – check out his link); the ceremony took place at the same church; the wedding venue was Abrahamskraal again; they even had the same car for Tina to arrive in.  This made things a little bit easier.  And much more difficult …

I believe every couple is unique and needs to be treated like that.  Especially on their wedding day.  I wanted to give them something new, something fresh, something different (which can be quite hard when you have continuous open planes and are not allowed to use the same spots as with the previous wedding!).  I think we’ve pulled it off though.  You can be the judge 😉

Louis & Tina – what a couple you are!!  I’ve enjoyed every second of the day with you and your families.  It was an awesome experience for all.  I hope these will make you smile.  I’m confident it will.  Thank you again for choosing and trusting me.  It was an honour.

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for the whole of 2017.  Now I’ll treasure it for the rest.  Till we meet again on the trail, a mountain or find ourselves in open spaces.  Blessings.

Wedding Prince Albert

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