Werner & Lize-mari

Landtscap Wedding View Stellenbosch

When I started off with photography, it was people in landscapes that fascinated me.  I’ve always loved the balance of spending time between the two.  Landscapes can be amazing and people beautiful, but I realised that combining these two go deeper than the paper it is printed on.   I came to the conclusion that I am busy with something more than just visual art.  Maybe I wasn’t even really a photographer known for capturing moments.  Nor an artist who make normal things look better.  Maybe I was investing an immense amount of time and money to become the less obvious.  It struck me and I was humbled when I realised I have become a story teller.

I want you to sit back and enjoy this imagery below as the use of light guides you from the beginning to a happy ending.  Maybe you’ll pick up the gale force wind (although we tried not to entertain it) or the difficulty to 4×4 to the best locations.  I hope though you will hear the laughter, wipe their tears and feel the warmth of the love that was in the room that evening.  This is a story worth telling over and over again.  These guys lived happily ever after.

Thank you to Jade and her team for the stunning decor!  Always a pleasure working with you guys!

Landtscap Wedding View Stellenbosch

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