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Lifestyle Photographer Stellenbosch

The Harvey fam returned for a lifestyle shoot in Stellenbosch to proudly show me their growing family after 6 years. It is a decade since I photographed their wedding, so we thought it well to return to their lovely wedding venue. Thank you Clouds for the kind gesture to allow us to shoot this family here above Stellenbosch where it all began. What a beautiful venue!

And what a beautiful family! The kids were amazing whilst we played and got to know one another. I really feel they opened up and allowed me to see who they are. I thought that was really special!

Thank you Ross & Blythe for coming back after all these years. I loved the Scottish feel, the real moments and ultimately to spend some time with you as a family again. You are extremely special people who I count myself privileged to know. Thank you for being such a blessing. Till next time, be safe and keep well.



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